TMPA & AMPA notify City Council of Meet & Confer Petition

Posted On: Aug 07, 2013

On Tuesday, Aug 6th. TMPA Field Rep. Dick Brock informed the Arlington City Council of our intent to summit a petition for the Arlington Municipal Patrolman's Association to become the sole bargaining agent for the Arlington Police Department.

TMPA arrived at City Hall in the New TMPA Truck pictured above. TMPA President Josh Thurlkill, Past President David Russell, TMPA Board of Directors, Travis Hammond and Jeff Heinemeyer were all present to show there support.(pictured above)

Your Board of Directors Chris CeBallos, Brett Worman and Emma Trevino, along with Supervisor Liasion were also present.

AMPA was able to obtain approximately 335 Signatures, over the the 51% required by the Government Code.

Dick Brock and Chris CeBallos presented the petition to the City Secretary the following morning and the City, according to the Government Code has 30 Days to respond.

Stay tuned for updates.