President's Message

To the Citizen of Arlington and our valued members.

As President, I would first like to thank you the Citizens of Arlington for your support of the Arlington Municipal Patrolman’s Association and our members. Second, I wish to thank our members who risk their lives daily to make the City of Arlington a safe environment, not only for our citizen and businesses but for the thousands of families that visit the local attractions within our City on a daily basis.

The Arlington Municipal Patrolman’s Association was founded in 2003. Our members consist of not just police officers, but other important support services, including Detention Officers, Telecommunicators/911 Operators and Police Service Assistants. Since the beginning, our Association has stood by our members in troubled times and have had an active role in donating to local and state charitable organizations that support or play a vital role in helping police officers or victims of crime.

It is our goal to create a lasting partnership with the community we serve by engaging with our community to create an atmosphere of trust, understanding and communication.

Thank you again for your unwavering support for our Association and our members of the Arlington Police Department, who took an oath to maintain the peace and safety of the citizen and businesses we serve and who are working diligently to make Arlington a safe place to live and work.
- Chris CeBallos, President