Board Members

Chris CeBallos

I began my career with the Arlington Police Department in Oct. of 1995 as a part of Class 9. I have spent my entire 24 years as a patrol officer and have worked all four-patrol district. I was also a Field Training Officer for two years. I hold the Basic TCOLE Instructor Certificate and the Firearm Instruction Certificate. I am one of the founding members of the Arlington Municipal Patrolman’s Association.

Brett Worman

I joined the Arlington Police Department in July,1999 as part of Class 16. I was assigned to East Evening shift and East Midnight from 2000-2006. I have been assigned to patrol on all 4 districts and currently I am assigned to North Day shift. I worked in the Gang Unit as a Detective and Street Enforcement officer. I was a PTO for 5 years and have assisted in numerous training classes at the academy. I am currently a Mental Health Peace Officer and sit on the Health and Wellness Committee.

Angie Bell

I joined the Arlington Police Department in 2000 as part of Class #19. In my almost 20 years of service, I have served in several different units and roles. I’ve worked in Community Services, I held a position as the Basic Academy Coordinator for 7 years, a PTO on Patrol for 5+ years and I have been and am currently an instructor in various topics (Patrol Procedures, C.I.T., DT, Gracie Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Field Notetaking, C.I.T.) for the past 15 years. I am an MHPO, working with our Co-Responders program with MHMR Tarrant County, a member of our Peer Support team - all of which I do as ancillary duties while working South Patrol - B shift. I have made it my mission in Law Enforcement to work towards training, serving and responding to the needs of officers. I dedicate my off time to making sure officers have someone in their corner. Welcome!

Sean Kinkade

I joined the Arlington Police Department in Oct of 2009 with Class 40. I’ve worked patrol all 12 years on North side for various shifts. I’ve been a Behavioral Health Response Officer since 2013 and have been the lead on North side for the last 2 years. I hold a Masters Peace Officers certificate and currently assist teaching the academy and In-service Crisis Intervention classes.

Chris Powell

I came to the Arlington Police Department in 2001 as part of class 21. I spent the first few years of my career working on the evening shift in the West District. Since 2008 I have been working patrol in the South District. I was an FTO for 3 years and I've been a BHRO for the last 3 years working in the Co-Responder program. I am also an instructor for the Intermediate and Training Academy “CIT” course as well as the “Suicide Prevention” course. In July 2021 I will celebrate 20 years at Arlington PD.